The Lands of Draknor Client (Current Version: 2.9)

Client Written in Java 6 by Taeloch (David Carroll) © 2009-2011.

Getting The Client (Windows)

Getting The Client (Mac OSX)

  • Download & install Java for OSX
  • Open Finder, go to Applications, Utilities, and open Java Preferences
  • Under the General tab, make sure "Java SE 6" is at the top of the "Java Applications" list
  • Download the Client (version 2.9)
  • Extract the .zip file to the location you want to store it.
  • Double click DraknorClient.jar
  • Play the game!

About the Client

Click here to look at the Client's help file

At Draknor we understand that MUD clients are becoming more and more rare. This goes doubly so for clients that are actively being improved over time. Fortunately for you, our team of Immortals tackled this problem head on! Our lead Implementor, Taeloch, took it upon himself to create our very own MUD client.

Aliases, ANSI color, triggers, macros, and variables are only a small sample of the features included in the Draknor client. Furthermore, we're constantly improving it and taking suggestions and ideas from mortals as well. If you have any ideas for improvement, please look to our section on the forum dedicated to the client. Keep in mind that you must have a mortal on the game before you can post to the forum, and you must play that mortal for at least 1 hour or until level 2. We do this to avoid getting suggestions that are already added; you must first try the client and the game out.